The secret space
of wellness
The SPA, the seventeenth-century caves

The secret space|of wellness

The seventeenth underground caves is today the SPA.

A secret area for a total relax: hammam, sauna, chromotherapy, shower and different type of massage techniques.

In the past, the caves were dug into the rock. Fifteenth-century architecture in honor of nymphaea, so frequently in this area. The name of the website, Rodogallo, terra delle belle rose, was already in its destiny. The Villa was built later, in the seven-hundred, the age of lumens, far-sighter producers, producers and oil dealer, that olive oil that from the port of Gallipoli use to travel to Italy and abroad, from Naples to Venice, England on request of wool factory and laundry services, in Russia for votive lights. We found Europe, in Gallipoli in the two centuries from 1600 to 1800, which also explains the city’s right to control the market price and the presence in town, until 1923, of the vice consulates from many European nations . So, like, explained, the arrival of valuable goods in Gallipoli from America, England, France, Germany, Venice, Trieste, Fiume.
No wonder, then, if you still feel something from the past, through the gardens and through the rooms of the Villa. No wonder if even here, inside the caves, you feel some left of uman-being, it’s just a friendly nature.
The wellness area that Villa Ravenna offers to the guests, even with the exclusive wellness package, pool & spa entrance. The SPA has: hydro-massage pool for six people, sauna for six people , Hammam for eight people, emotional shower, bar-tisane space, personalized massage.