Villa Ravenna
Elegance refinement quality

Villa Ravenna|1770

Secular trees, fountains, green rooms.
The original beauty is conserved; it is like going back in time to the bon vire times.

One of the most beautiful Salento architectures, Villa Ravenna, "amazes and inspires".
Its it includes excellent hospitality, luxury wedding, relais & spa, and excellent restaurants.

In the greenery of a beautiful park, located in one of the oldest streets of Salento, in the large landed estate Gallipoli,San Nicola-San Simonethe, villa was built by Bartolomeo Ravenna on the last years of the 700’s (1770). It was projected by the architect Gregorio Gallipoli’s council, readapting the original tower and transforming it into a summer residence owned by the Ravenna’s family, who were the rich Gallipoli’s merchants from Lavagna (GE).

It was not extraneous to choose the site’s old name Rodogallo, “belle rose”. It was replaced then in half of 1700 to the most modern name Villa San Nicola.

With its twenty-thousand square meters of park, the multi-level garden has, secular trees, the distribution of the plants in a geometric shape, fountains, and a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Gallipoli; Thee Villa looks like a true first sight of the San Simone fraction.

As the client is welcomes, it is presented an Italian garden that looks like a corolla disposition, with the center of an artistic circular well bounded by columns that support a stone frame on which is based a wrought iron dome.

Stone and wrought iron, fine marble, frescoed rooms make Villa Ravenna an exclusive house of charm. Every single detail of spaces for more comfort has been considered: from the suite to the noble floor to the ceremonies room on the ground floor, to the large covered veranda, to the guest rooms that originary was a horse stable. Separated from the central body of the house and overlooking an elegant and equipped dehor, all our guests can have access, and then the SPA, the seventeenth-century caves.

A place for holidays from a different time, a special, elegant and refined atmosphere, “of perfect happiness”, as the historical artist Titti Pece described it.

At Villa Ravenna, that atmosphere, that elegance and the joie de vivre are back home. An invitation to beauty not to be missed